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The output laser energy was measured with a PE50-BB Ophir pyroelectric pulse energy meter (Ophir Optronics Ltd).The temporal parameters of electric pulses were recorded with high-voltage P6015A probes and a 200-MHz TDS-2024 Tektronix oscilloscope. The temporal parameters of optical pulses were recorded with a Ph EC-22 and Ph C-15 coaxial photocells with a temporal resolution of 10-10 s and infrared photodetector. The excitation system operated in the following way.As the mixture pressure increased above several Torr the intensity of inductive discharge in the center of the tube rapidly decreased.The discharge started to assume cylindrical form and concentrated near the inner tube wall surface.

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In addition, this method can be used to produce the plasma for obtaining radiation (including induced radiation) in any spectral range, especially that extending from 100 nm to THz, which is of considerable interest for microelectronics, photolithography and biomedicine.The tube was sealed by means of plane-parallel windows of Mg F or KCl oriented perpendicular to the tube axis (Figure 1).The optical resonator was formed by external plane dielectric mirrors.The rear dielectric mirror had the reflectance 99% in the selected spectral region. The results presented in this paper were obtained by using the inductor containing 30 sections, each of them consisting of four coils.

The reflectance of the output mirror was optimized during experiments to obtain the maximum output energy. The solenoids were connected in parallel, and the total length (˜ 68 cm) of the inductor determined the length of the active medium of the gas laser.

the lasing efficiency and output energy increased with increasing the tube diameter.

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