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Den store hvide flok Alas, I don't think anyone is going to sing this tune, which LHy paired with the celebrated hymn "Behold a host arrayed in white." Why?Because everybody who knows Brorson's text is bound to sing it to the Norwegian folk tune of the same title, a tune notably harmonized by Edvard Grieg. Filled with his original chorales as well as adaptations of older melodies, it made a huge impact on Scandinavian church music.Although I often criticize the impact of romanticism on hymnody, I think many of Lindeman's tunes wed a romantic musical style to the form and spirit of the very best chorale tradition.I consider them the 19th century's best contribution to Lutheran worship music.

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" In another stanza he/they observe: "Baptized are millions in Thy name, But where is faith's pure flame?

During the last stanza I lost track of how many times I had played the first part of the hymn, so I finished playing while the congregation still had 4 lines of text to go. It was very uncomfortable at the time, but it's funny now.

Dies iræDifficult to confuse with two 13th century Latin tunes by the same name (one with 3 phrases of melody, the other with 9), easy to confuse with John B.

Brorson's "parable of the tares" hymn, "O Father, may Thy word prevail." Two other hymnals, including LHy's 1996 successor the (ELHy), also couple this tune with the latter text, for which I believe the tune was written.

This is, in my opinion, an egregious slip in an otherwise excellent book.

Funny story: Once I was playing the organ at a church that used LHy when the Norwegian folk tune version of this hymn came up.