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13-Sep-2017 16:12

In December 2014, FBI agents confronted Hastert about the withdrawals.He told them he was trying to keep his money safe, but shortly after that meeting, an attorney representing Hastert called authorities to say the former speaker was a victim of an extortion plot and would cooperate in the investigation.Agents ultimately determined, however, that Hastert had been paying Individual A, a former Yorkville wrestler, to keep him silent about sexual abuse decades earlier.In all, five former students came forward to accuse Hastert.

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The PPG involves hooking up a man to a pressure-sensitive device to measure any arousal when shown various images.The order also barred Hastert from having contact with anyone under 18 “except in the presence of a responsible adult who is aware of the nature of his/her background and current offense.” He was also instructed to provide copies of telephone bills, credit card receipts or other financial information to probation officials at their request. Before his sentencing, a probation official wrote in a six-page recommendation submitted to the court that while there was no evidence Hastert had committed any sexual misconduct since 1979, there was concern he may be concealing other wrongdoing in his past.

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