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The project is the ultimate example of how difficult and fragile projects can be when just one or two elements don’t align, and in our case it was the lack of funding options in Bosnia coupled with the inability of Canadian funders to support films in languages other than in English or French.There is a solid foundation of new talent emerging in all parts of the country, and hopefully the resources to support them can catch up.Initially it seemed like the project was going to go into production in 2015 or 2016, as the script got a lot of support.We received development support from the biggest European funders and markets during development: Hubert Bals, Cinemart Eurimages award at Rotterdam, CNC (French Telefilm) support for development, Cannes l’Atleir and MEDIA.In fact, sometimes it’s nice to just play around, experiment with words, let whatever happens happen.And yes I have many daydreams about big, big projects – the sort of thing that Adam Stockhausen would want to production design. Q: Have you had a project you couldn’t get it made, finished or shown? I’m also finishing my University of Guelph thesis, A History of Love, and preparing for my thesis defense.

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I've made the short film through the Harold Greenberg Fund's shorts-to-features program, so now we're approaching people with the feature script.It was awful because this all happened right before Sleeping Giant premiered at Cannes and I’d setup all these pitch meetings for the project and had to show up empty handed to my first meeting with all of these major players.It set me back time wise because it was supposed to be THE next project, and I’d planned everything around it. Oh, there are many projects I couldn’t get made, a common frustration of filmmaking.

It’s good to let things go though, admit defeat sometimes. Nothing is ever a waste of time, I’ve learned lots from my pieces that don’t make it to screen.

A Canadian film that really inspired me during my informative years was Videodrome by David Cronenberg.