Ukraine women dating culture

04-Nov-2017 16:39

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Much of the oral history was lost during the past 300 years of Russification of Ukraine when Ukrainian culture and language were forbidden.Organizations like the Ivan Honchar Museum, Pysanka Museum and the Ukrainian Museum are dedicated to historic preservation.

A celebration follows at home with the entire community participating.

During Christmas, for example, people prepare kutia, which is a mixture of cooked wheat groats, poppy seeds, honey, and special sweet breads.

An average Ukrainian diet consists of fish, cheese, and a variety of sausages.

The betrothal involves the groom going to the bride's parents to bargain for ransom he will pay for the bride and to seek the blessing of her parents.

There are many stories in Ukrainian folklore of a bride being stolen without the groom paying ransom.The Soviet era unified the cultures of many unrelated nations with a common language.

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