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With the passing of time, the island's name changed to Amolgon and Amourgon.In the 5th century, Bishop Theodore, who attended a synod in Constantinople, signed as Bishop of the Parians, Sifnians, and Amoulgians.In approximately 630 BC, the poet Semonides led the foundation of a Samian colony on Amorgos.The Periplus of Pseudo-Scylax mentions it as Tripolis.The icon is on public display inside the monastery. Tourism is going up slowly, although the island features prevent mass tourism. The 3 main places of tourist accommodations are Katapola, Aegiali and Chora. Other activities are scuba diving, activities relating to wellness, and the beaches (although it is not the main attraction of the island compared to other Greek islands).Valerie realized that sex was wrecking her life right around the time her second marriage disintegrated.At 30, and employed as a human-resources administrator in Phoenix, she had serially cheated on both her husbands—often with their subordinates and co-workers—logging anonymous hookups in fast-food-restaurant bathrooms, affairs with married men, and one-night stands too numerous to count. Not even after one man’s wife aimed a shotgun at her head while catching them in flagrante delicto.Valerie called phone-sex chat lines and pored over online pornography, masturbating so compulsively that it wasn’t uncommon for her to choose her vibrator over going to work.

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‘Dokathismata style’ figurines were originally found here.) is the easternmost island of the Cyclades island group, and the nearest island to the neighboring Dodecanese island group in Greece.Along with several neighboring islets, the largest of which is Nikouria Island, it comprises the municipality of Amorgos, which has a land area of 126.346 square kilometres (48.782 square miles), Due to Amorgos' position opposite the ancient beaches of Ionian towns, such as Militos, Alikarnassos and Ephesos, it became one of the first places from which the Ionians passed through to the Cyclades Islands and onto the Greek mainland.The shock had a moment magnitude of 7.7 and had a maximum Mercalli intensity of IX (Violent).

Fifty-three people were killed and 100 were injured.

At the time of Archaic Greece, there were three independent city-states there.